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Tlemcen, Algeria
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Metallplastic Research and Production Company

The metalloplastic research and production company (SOREMEP) was created in 2001 as part of the spin-off of the telecommunications company (ENTC).

It is part of the portfolio of the industrial group ELEC EL Djazair. SOREMEP's activity started from its creation in 2001 with the production of metal furniture in different forms and for different uses.

Convinced that its survival and prosperity depend only on its ability to conquer new market shares and to diversify its activities, SOREMEP strives to bring new products to the market and aims to win over a very demanding clientele in terms of quality. .

Acting through the rational and efficient exploitation of its capacities, the company has grown its turnover from 68 MDA to more than 500 MDA. SOREMEP is rejuvenating its workforce and raising their qualification levels through training.

The investments in progress will allow the company to increase its production capacities and reach in the short term a turnover of 900 MDA.

Success factors

SOREMEP has been able, since its creation, to achieve performances worthy of large companies. It has established itself comfortably in the market, thanks to the combination of several factors:

  • Quality supervision in all areas of intervention.
  • Listening carefully to customer concerns.
  • Products whose quality is recognized by all customers.

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